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Whether you're buying your first custom piece of jewelry or custom designing an engagement ring - I'm here to help you every step of the way. x Loryn Elizabeth

Bridal. Heirlooms. Remakes. One-of-a-kinds. You name it.

The private jeweler promise. I'm studying at the Gemological Institute of America to receive my GIA Graduate Diamonds degree. I currently work with the most amazing team of benchmakers and jewelers to design custom pieces for my clients. Everything is designed and produced in the US.

The process.We will work together to design your dream piece. We start with your vision, go over budget, and make sure the materials, diamond(s) and aesthetic are all in line with your vision.

[From The Archives]: See for yourself and get inspired to make your dream piece with LE FINE.

[Shop LE FINE]: Our collection of fine jewelry. All solid gold and genuine diamonds.

[Design your own engagement ring]: Ready-wear engagement rings. Straight to your door. The best part? YOU pick out everything. Choose your setting and your diamond straight from our diamond inventory, with thousands of diamond options. Thanks to the help of AI, we've made this a seamless process. And if you need something larger than 4 carats, we'd be happy to custom design a piece for you!

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If you would like to schedule a phone consultation, please email Info@LEFineJewelry.com or text (214) 500-1665